Nodin Acquires Data Analytics Company, Will Expand Platform To Deliver Weather-Related Business Insights

Nodin Acquires HeadsUp Whose Proprietary Platform Delivers AI-Driven Insights Not Available through Other Analytics Solutions

Denver – May 14, 2019 – Nodin has completed an acquisition that enables the company to expand its AI-driven augmented analytics platform with business insights about weather-related factors that have impacts on numerous industries. The acquisition of Denver-based HeadsUp brings Nodin a proven analytics solution, technical expertise, and vertical industry relationships that HeadsUp developed through real-world testing of its solution. 

“Weather plays an enormous role in the profitability of companies in industries ranging from retail to hospitality to construction. Understanding that relationship – and accurately predicting how that will impact customer behavior – allows companies to make more informed decisions about staffing, supply chain management, pricing, revenue opportunities and more,” said Jeff Allen, CEO of Nodin. “Weather-driven insights are one of the most fascinating and impactful ways that AI-driven analytics can help companies run their businesses, doing far more than is possible with weather apps, weather APIs and legacy tools.”  

Weather-related business insights are big business. The American Meteorological Society estimates that weather causes a $600 billion dollar variance in the U.S. economy each year, and HeadsUp’s research underscores that with findings that up to 86% of a retail store’s revenue can fluctuate on a daily basis due to weather factors.

 This acquisition also expands Nodin’s leadership team by bringing HeadsUp Founder and CEO Rob Seigel on board as Vice President of Engineering. “Rob earned a PhD in Atmospheric Physics prior to founding HeadsUp, and he has a strong vision for the role augmented data analytics can have in making companies more agile and more profitable,” said Allen.

“I am excited to bring the power of the HeadsUp solution to the Nodin platform,” said Siegel. “Together, we have a comprehensive offering to help companies truly understand the root cause of why their business changes.”

Nodin recently completed a $5 million round of initial funding and is in the final stages of preparing for the general availability of its AI-driven augmented analytics platform. The Nodin platform delivers a set of capabilities that have never been available to executives and business analysts – providing clear, automated business insights about what is happening in a business, why it is happening, and what to do next. Financial terms of the HeadsUp acquisition are not being disclosed.


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