Five Guys

Five Guys happens to be one of my favorite burger joints. When I was having a "special" day running Comcast Business, I would drive a few blocks to Five Guys to indulge in calories and quiet time.  My usual was a double cheeseburger with bacon, cajun fries (small, at least), and a diet coke.  I would find a secluded spot in the parking lot to chow and contemplate my many versions of "What Next?"

In 2017, I traded my comfortable corporate existence for a different version of Five Guys:






So why us, why now?  

Artificial Intelligence is changing the very nature of work and the relationship between humans and technology. We want to be change agents.

We know that opportunity lies in data.

We see business problems that are not being solved.  Not really.  And not wholly. 

We have a strong belief that that the time is right, the technology is right, and the team is right. 

The four guys other than me were solving big data problems before "big data" was a thing.  They are some of the smartest, hardest working people I've ever met.  I hired them to solve business problems for me at Comcast Business and what I knew of them became apparent in spades.    It wasn't about billing consulting hours--I bet I only paid for 30% of their time.  It was their curiosity that drove them.    It was their desire to innovate and discover and solve tough problems.  They understood not just the data, but the underlying business drivers and could actually link the two. And, they were motivated to make their clients successful--both professionally and personally.   

We are building this expertise, innovation, and tireless sense of curiosity into the appli platform.  

Cutting edge AI-driven technology.  

Data analysis at machine speed and scale.  

Intuitive interfaces that allow users to get to the answer and beyond.  

At the end of the day, we are helping companies solve business problems in smarter, faster ways.

Five guys.  One solution.  Applied AI.

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